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Thank you for your interest in FOVEX 360S software for spherical images. FOVEX 360S is a software package which allows you to process the spherical panorama image of an object and to derive the locations of features of the object in three dimensions by photogrammetry. FOVEX 360S computes these locations to high levels of accuracy and high level of automation.

FOVEX 360S software consists of the following modules:

  • Core: for image processing and creation of network
  • CAD: for CAD modeling
  • Point Cloud: for colored 3D point cloud generation


This tutorial provides you with step-by-step instructions for operating the FOVEX 360S software package. For understanding this tutorial basic knowledge of photography and photogrammetry or computer vision is required.


This document assumes that you have your own spherical panorama image and a working, licensed installation of FOVEX 360S software.

Copyright Notice

This document is authored by PhotoCore AG, copyright 2016.