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Operating System

FOVEX software runs on the following X64 Microsoft operating systems:

Graphics Card

FOVEX software requires one graphics card with at least Direct3D 12, DirectX 11 with feature level 11_1 and at least 3 Giga bytes memory. For more information, see the following table:

Direct3D 12 feature levels


FOVEX Measure3D requires at least one CPU with clock speed of 2 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 64-bit (x64) processor with at least 4 cores.


Memory requirement depends on the licensed module. The following table shows the minimum required memory for each license:

Software Product Minimum memory requirements 
(free available in gigabytes) 
FOVEX 360s 16
FOVEX PanoMaker 8
Note: If you process a project with the large number of images data, you need to change the size of the virtual memory of the operating system to at least 100 gigabytes.

Hard Disk

A solid state hard disk (SDD) is recommended for 3D measurement projects. The minimum requirement is the hard disk drive (HDD) with speed of 7200 rpm.

Free space on hard disk depends on the size of your projects.


You need an Internet access (fees may apply) to activate the FOVEX software.

Note: The software requires to access for the product registration and the activation of the FOVEX software.

PhotoCore Account

You need to have a valid PhotoCore account in order to be able to activate the FOVEX software. If you do not have a PhotoCore account, you can create it from this link:Create PhotoCore Account.

License Key

You need a valid license key to activate the FOVEX software.

Once your Order has been processed successfully, the license key together with the software download link will be sent to you by email to the email address of your PhotoCore account.

You can also access the license keys (together with other relevant information) from your PhotoCore account.