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This section explains the output folder and the file structure.


In the “Output Folder” which was specified by the user, sub-folders are created. These sub-folders contain images, reports and the final panoramas.

In the “Output Folder” which was specified by the user, sub-folders are created.

The output folder which now contains folders of grouped images. Each folder contains the image of one panorama station.

If the image grouping process detects files and images which cannot be associated to a panorama image, a new folder with the name of “UngroupedImages” is created and those files and folders are copied into this folder.


Inside of each folder of grouped images the following files may exist:

File Description
_WPK.dat An ASCI file which contains the computed orientation angles of each image. This file is used by PanoMaker and should not be deleted from this folder.
.xml Papywizard xml file format indicating the number and approximate rotation angle of each image.

This file is used in other image stitching software and helps to initiate the orientation angle which results a faster and more reliable image stitching.

Log.txt A log file which contains the essential information about the image capture.
Report.txt The detailed report of image stitching including the geometrical quality of image stitching and computation times.
.JPG The original frame array images and the rendered panorama images.
.hdr The 32-bit HDR image in .hdr format (if HDR exists).
.pci The proprietary image format of PhotoCore.

The files of each folder of the grouped images.

Snapshot of _WPK.dat

Snapshot of log.txt

Snapshot of .xml

Snapshot of Report.txt