FOVEX PanoMaker/Software Activation

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Creation of an On-line PhotoCore Account

You can create an account from this link: create an online account.

If you already have an account, you can log in into your account directly.

Note: You need a valid PhotoCore Account to be able to receive the license keys and the download link.

Software License and Download Link

You receive the software license and the download link by email to your registered email at your PhotoCore Account. This information is also accessible from your PhotoCore Account.

Software Activation

Software activation is an online process and your computer needs to be connected to internet. If you are using a special network firewall, you need to ensure that is in the white list.

The Software Activation Dialog Box can be accessed from menu Help>Software Activation:

Access to Dialog Box of Software Activation. FOVEX software activation Dialog Box.
Access to Dialog Box of Software Activation. FOVEX software activation Dialog Box.

You should provide the registered Email address and the License Key simply by copy & paste the values from the email that you have already received.

Once you have provided these information, press Send a Request and after the successful activation press Update Camera.

After a successful registration, the Software Activation dialog box populates the license information for example, registered to, License Key, Device, Expiration date, Modules etc.

Now the software is ready to process your image data.

Note: IIf you are activating the software with a restricted access to the Internet, you need to check with your network administrator, if the domain name is in the white list of your organization, otherwise the activation will fail because the software activation request will not reach to PhotoCore server.